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Zhongshan Qin Long Conveyor Equipment Co., Ltd.


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Zhongshan Qin Long Conveyor Equipment Co., Ltd., located in China’s hardware town - Xiaolan Town. Is a professional production of LED lighting lighting equipment manufacturer. Constant improvement and constant innovation are the development concepts of Qinlong. Honestness and trustworthiness are the foundation for Qinlong to survive. The first-class products are the goal that Qinlong constantly pursues. With the rapid development of science and technology, Qinlong, with its strong technical force and advanced technology, Of the production equipment, continue to introduce new ideas, better ourselves and produce batch after batch of new products.

The company has a professional design, manufacture, installation team, focusing on personnel development and training, so that a large number of young and middle-aged scientific and technological personnel to provide a stage to display their talent, the growing ranks of the company. Trustworthy, honest, first-class service, won us more customer base.

Companies with excellent quality, technology products for the development goals, uphold the attitude of cooperation in good faith. To customers, suppliers, employees and related objects as partners, work together to enhance product quality, to create new value. Dedicated to provide customers a full range of quality services.

Philosophy: excellence, integrity Atsuyuki

Professional design and manufacture of products: First, lighting series 1.LED automatic aging line lights, LED lighting / fluorescent / bulb / downlight / panel lights / power-driven aging lines, T4 / T5 stent ring aging line , T8 turn T5 bracket aging line, lamp aging line, electronic ballast / transformer automatic aging line and so on. 2. Energy-saving lamp clay drying line, LED assembly line, energy-saving lamp assembly line, lighting finished product packaging line, manual / automatic plug-in line, lamp locking machine, energy-saving lamp clay glue machine, Wait. Second, the welding equipment series 1, lead-free (nitrogen) wave soldering machine series; 2, lead-free (nitrogen) echo solder equipment series; 3, lead wave soldering machine series; 4, lead reflow soldering equipment series; Solder paste printing machine series; 6, SMT peripheral equipment (closing, delivery board machine); Third, the logistics and transportation series 1, belt conveyor belt conveyor (PVC production line); 2, electronic components plug-in production line series; Differential chain conveyor (single row, double row, multi-layer high cycle) series; 4, ring detection trolley conveyor series; 5, flat conveyor line series: wood, sheet metal, steel, PVC plate and steel plate ; 6, C-type, continuous vertical elevator series; 7, no power, product, power roller, 90 degrees, 180 degrees bend roller conveyor series; 8, storage shelves,